Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eva Turns 4!

Eva turns 4 on October 30th! Since I'll be leaving on the 30th (on vacation!!) we celebrated this weekend instead of next. We decided on a Rainbow theme to cheer up the otherwise dull and dreary October.

I painted rainbows on the windows with homemade window paints.

Eva and her guests made a rainbow craft.

Here's the finished product - stained glass rainbows!

Then, we sang Happy Birthday. I think my singing wasn't a big hit from the look on Eva's face!

The cloud cake turned out to really be a rainbow in disguise!

I had Rainbow Brite colouring books and candy sheshkabobs to hand out as favours, but I forgot them in my bedroom where I'd put them for safekeeping. Oops! K, come and get 'em before I eat them all!

Happy Early Birthday, Eva!!


Andrea R said...

:D Great lookin' cake!

Emilie said...

Does it look familiar to you, Andrea? LOL Thanks for the idea. It was a hit!