Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tough Cookie!

Poor little Eva. We went to Grampy's farm for a supper/campfire/hay ride and she had a pretty rough time of it. We all loaded up into the wagon for a trip around the field. The kids were loving it, and Grampy stopped the tractor by some old hay bales. We jumped around them, having a good time! Suddenly, Eva started to cry and yell, "Picky! Picky!" Thinking it was thistles, I didn't pay much mind until my dad yelled, "Hornets!" 3 bites to the face and limbs...

Later, as a special treat, Grampy brought the kids to feed corn husks to the cows. He told Eva repeatedly not to get too close to the electric fence, then, ZAP!! I heard her screaming all the way on the deck! Oddly enough, the fence hurt more than the bee stings.

She was fine after a few minutes, but I think she went to bed a little bit wiser that night.

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