Saturday, September 19, 2009

One With Nature

We're eclectic homeschoolers. Okay, who'm I kidding? We're just plain old eclectic! When it comes to homeschooling, though, we use a mix of everything. Nature walks are very Charlotte Mason and with our table work done, we took advantage of the beautiful weather.

We went on a nature walk in the woods behind our house. The closer we got to the trees, the more nervous Eva became. Here she appears to be tip-toeing on the path so as not to awaken any bears. Especially the big ones.

I told them that if you sing loudly when you walk in the woods, it will keep the bears away. This is especially true of my singing :) In no time, the hills were alive with the sound of m-u-u-u-sic!

Graedon had priority seating. The goal of the nature walk was to collect things with different textures like soft, hard, rough, picky, smooth, etc. I knew those peach baskets would come in handy someday!

Back at the house, we sorted out our treasures and glued them to a paper that the girls labeled with the appropriate textures.

And VOILA!! The finished product.

Charlotte Mason was right on target with her nature walk idea. From this project alone, we did: Gym, Music, Penmanship, Science and Character Studies.

If I was Martha Stewart, I'd say it was a good thing.

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