Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who Died Yesterday?

Okay, show of hands. How many of you change the channel when you stumble onto a World Vision special? Do the images of the bloated bellies and swarming flies give you that unpleasant guilty feeling? Got better things to watch (Seinfeld reruns?)?

Last Monday, the hit TLC show Jon and Kate plus Eight drew an audience of 10.6 million. They were announcing their divorce (no surprise there). Sky News reported that it had 735 000 viewings when it was reported that Micheal Jackson died.

Everyday, 16 000 children around the world die of hunger related causes. Every 3 seconds, a child in Africa dies of AIDS. Every day, over 4000 babies are aborted in the USA (only 4% of those because of rape/incest or severe health problems).

Where is our perspective?

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