Wednesday, June 10, 2009

While the Husband's Away...

I've been single-momming it for the last couple days. Rich is gone to Miramichi to repair and set up buildings. Summertime is the busy season for Rich. The frost is gone from in the ground, travel is good, and the days are long. Often, he'll be gone for the weekend, sometimes the week, to put up tarp garages.

I don't know what it is about his extended absence, but it makes me feel incredible industrious! As I am waving goodbye to him from the doorway, I am mentally making lists of all the projects I need to complete while he is away. I like the motivation of having a deadline. I like the excitement and satisfaction of finishing a task before he gets home, just so that he'll be surprised.

Last summer, there was such a business trip that ended with newly painted cupboards, complete with replaced hardware. This time, the list was as such:

*buy and set up a bookshelf in the girls' room (their books are in piles right now for lack of space)

*dig up and replant the flowerbed in the front yard using the plants in the flowerbed that is going to be destroyed when we replace the draintile

*paint the hall upstairs

*clear off the couch in the living room (no easy task, since it's my catchall/laundry area)

So far, I've painted, and cleared the couch. Unfortunately, it's rained the whole time Rich has been gone, so the flowerbed will have to wait. In the meantime, I think I might organize the pantry...

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