Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where is This Going?

I started this blog with the intention of recording my journey into midwifery. Surprisingly, there isn't nearly as much midwifery/birth related info in this blog as I originally thought there would be.

There isn't as much midwifery/birth in my life as I originally thought there would be, either.

In truth, I'm struggling every day with where I'm going. This blog is a reflection of life at the moment, but censored. Heavily. I avoid the blog on my bad days because I know that my relatives and friends read this. I don't want people getting the wrong idea, and once something is written down, it can't be erased. Even if it's erased. I'll give you a minute for that!

So, this blog has been filled with the kids, homeschooling, rants, homemaking, doulaing...all that my life is filled with at the moment. Surprisingly, very little electrolysis...

I feel like I should narrow it down and focus on one subject. I'm feeling that in my life, too. I play with the idea of an anonymous blog on which I can write whatever I want without worry about pointing fingers or gasps. Don't look for it, though, it hasn't happened yet!

Anyway, another pointless post, but that's that.


Bethany said...

Hey, Emilie...thanks for your transparent posts...don't lose hope...God IS using you even now and He is faithful to reveal His's a lot like anticipate it FOREVER and then when it comes, it's tough...but it only gets need more endurance, more encouragement and more gets even worse until you are exhausted, but God gives that last BIG push...the very last drop of energy is mustered up to reveal beautiful, miraculous doubt you are at the active labor stage, eh? But like true labor, the painful, active stage is there in order to make way for the gift....your gift from the Lord is coming. :)

PS. About the red head sunburning issue...Tim goes burned everywhere as I can't slather him with sunscreen and he refuses to do it himself (I just pray for protection!), but he also wears a Tilly hat when he goes out. We avoid the sun usually anyways. As for the Lady Bird, she wears a hat and is subject to her mother covering her up despite the heat and organic or semi-organic SPF 30 is used on her face, arms and legs. :) Alas, I am determined to keep that baby white! :) Be blessed!

Emilie said...

Oh, Bethany! You're so wise - thank you, I needed that. Love the comparison with labour, too!

dad said...

Your blog and your life are filled with beautiful things! God wants you to enjoy his gifts one moment at the time. You are loved!