Saturday, January 10, 2009

Three Rs - Restaurant, Reading, Raising Support

This will be a mishmash of a post...

It's been a tough couple of days. Maddie's moods have been swinging all over the place. Graedon has followed suit. Eva has taken the brunt of it with Maddie stealing toys and generally creating a ruckus. So, I needed out! We packed up the kids last night and sent them to their Grammy L's. Rich made reservations (!) at a restaurant we had never been to. I think that just might be my favourite thing to do. I love trying out new places.

The Vault used to be a bank, and it's now a restaurant. If you're lucky, you might get seated at the table inside the original vault, 18 in thick steel door included! The food was fresh, cooked just right, seasoned just so - wonderful! All around, we're going back and we're bringing friends! Check it out on Main Street in Houlton.

Mad and I had our 3rd reading lesson yesterday. I'm teaching her using the Phono-Graphix method. It's kind of like Phonics without the rules and exceptions that don't make sense. So far, so good. We're doing sound blending with three sound words (cat, sat, mat, rat, mop, etc). I wrote the word "fat" for her to sound out, and the convo went like this:

Mad: Fff - aahh - ttt Fat. *gasp* That's a bad word!

Me: What do you mean?

Mad: It's not a nice word. It can hurt people's feelings. Like, if you're outside, you shouldn't say, "Hey! How did that man get so FAT!?" You should always say kind things, like, "You are really nice. And fat."

Next order of business - By now, you all know about the Philippines. Well, I've linked to the Davis' sight before, and I'm sending you there again! God willing, they'll be on their way in June. We've been keeping them in prayer, and if you can do that, too, I know it would be appreciated. If you'd like to check them out, go to . Be sure to check out their Philipics, too. All the proceeds for sales of Peter's prints (he's a photographer) go toward their move. Hint, hint - wouldn't the print from the Monterey Bay Aquarium look smashing in Graedon's room? His b-day's coming up....:)

We're going pond skating today - pictures on next post!

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