Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eggs & Masks

This week, we learned the names of different animals in French. Here is Eva's mask. I think it's a cow (?).

We also made Thank You cards for our Christmas gifts. They are footprint reindeer.

Maddie has been going through an egg obsession lately. She LOVES eggs. I think this may be caused from listening to her taped Ugly Duckling story. I keep finding raw eggs in the oddest places - in her jewelry box, between her sheets, in her coat pocket... A little heads up - it's wise to check for raw eggs under the cushions if you wish to sit on our couch.

Inevitably, this is what happens if you play with raw eggs. Notice the yolk and broken shell. I believe Maddie was trying to give it a bath? Perhaps it was swimming with the My Little Pony.

Eva, with her, "No, I didn't eat a whole pack of gum!" face. She can't fool me! LOL

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cuddles said...

I love the home made thank you cards. I was thinking that I would like BB to send thank you cards for his Christmas gifts as soon as he's old enough to understand the concept. And the egg story 'cracked' me up. hehe!