Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Little Weeder

I was weeding the garden this morning.  I looked behind me and there was Graedon...weeding out my row of onions!! 

Me:  Graedon!  No!  Those are onions.  Don't pull them out!

Graedon:  Mo-o-o-m!  I don't like onions!

Perfectly logical, no?


Abigail said...

Makes sense to me! When we processed chickens when we were younger, we always snug the livers into the garbage when Mom (the chicken liver lover) wasn't looking. =)

hapi said...

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Nathalie said...

LOL Graedon is too funny!!!

Emilie said...

Abi - Chicken liver lover...say that 10 time fast! :)

Nathalie - He's lots of fun!

Claire said...

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