Monday, July 25, 2011

Growing a Man

When our children are little, and the days are filled with diapers and tantrums and dimples and booboos, it's so easy to forget that someday they will be men and women.  Someday they will have homes to care for, families to feed, wives & husbands to love and respect, and children of their own to grow.  I'm thankful to have a man like Richard who takes the time to teach Graedon what it means to be the provider, protector and leader of our family.  Piling wood with a 3 year old takes a lot more time and patience, but it made an impact on our son.

That night, I sat on Graedon's bed and listened to his prayers.  He prayed his usual, "Bless Mommy & Daddy & Maddie & Eva & baby Gen & Tigger..." and added "...and thank you for doing wood with Daddy."  That half hour of splitting wood in the field with Rich was a big deal for him.

Graedon loves to tell me about how things will be when he's a "big man".  He wants to be like his daddy.  He wants to "go work with Daddy at Daddy's work" and "drive the car" and "mow the grass on the lawn mower". 

Thank you for being such a good influence on Graedon, Rich.  Someday he will be a man, like you, and I will know we did well.

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Abigail said...

So sweet. This one made me tear up a bit. Such an important thing for us parents to remember!!