Friday, April 9, 2010

Diapering a Patterson

I finally got my order of cloth diapers yesterday. I've never used cloth before, but I did a quick mental calculation and had I used them for all three kids, we might have been able to take a really awesome vacation by now! Or, if you want to be practical *sigh* we'd probably have much less left to pay on our mortgage.

I washed them up, and excitedly showed them to Richard. I couldn't find any dolls to model for me, and Tigger wasn't interested in helping, so I just folded them in different ways on the couch. I don't think Richard is too convinced about using cloth. I showed him the Bikini Twist fold, the Newborn fold, the Girl fold, and the Boy fold. The Boy fold is when you fold down the front of the diaper so that the front is double layered and the back is single layered (because boys pee in front, right?).

Richard, frowning, said, "You're seriously going to leave just one layer in the back? You know what happens from our kids' behinds, right?"

He may have a point. :)

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Andrea R said...

Ooooo! We were big time cloth users! :) Old-school though, with flat or prefolds, none of these fancy covers and specially sewn ones. ;P