Friday, April 9, 2010


All education has gaps. Sometimes it's math, sometimes it's science, and sometimes it's vocabulary. No matter how great your child's education and teachers, there are bound to be things they don't learn. I found such a gap in Eva's knowledge today, and it's all my fault. Observe:

The kids were at each other, kicking, crying, pouting and generally being brats. Being the mom, I put on my stern face, raised my stern voice and demanded that they pick up the toys they'd thrown at each other. I then told them to: "Just sit on the couch and CHILL!!"

Eva, throwing her head back and shrieking in sheer desperation: "I don't even know what that MEANS!!"

I'd neglected to teach my kids the very important word of "chill". For shame.

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Kate Waller said...

Oh, that's so funny. I don't know how many times that happened to Em and Erik, since we didn't even have a TV when they were your kids' ages, so they just didn't pick up on the slang. It was like their Mom was speaking a foreign language...