Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alcohol and Breastfeeding

I found this at the Burlington Coat Factory. I admit, I laughed so hard, and then kind of went "hmmm..." and couldn't resist taking a picture.

The writing is a little hard to read, but this box contains 3 strips designed to test for alcohol in your breast milk. I think it sold for about $7.00 USD.

I can understand why some women would want to be extra cautious after a night of partying it up, but rather than rely on a test strip, a bit of common sense might do just as well.

Here's a link to some good info on breastfeeding and drinking alcohol. Basically, an occasional drink isn't a big deal. Alcohol transfers to the baby in amounts equal to what's in your bloodstream. If your alcohol level is at the legal limit of .08, then baby is basically drinking a cooler.

My biggest worry about breastfeeding and drinking alcohol is knowing what you, as a mom, can handle. Some women (and men) see nothing wrong with binge drinking, and drink for the purpose of getting a buzz. Some get a thrill from the "smashed" feeling, and drink with that goal in mind. For the love of your baby, be careful! If you have to care for an infant, you need your wits about you. Just as you wouldn't put your baby in the care of a drunk babysitter, don't be the caretaker if you are not "all there". If you come home in a questionable condition, splurge and keep the sitter overnight. Don't take chances. Although the baby might not get very much alcohol from your breastmilk, it will not be safe if your judgement is impaired, you can't walk straight (let alone carry it) or if you pass out.

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cuddles said...

Amen! ...I'm still waiting (impatiently) for my first drink of red wine, and some Baileys in my coffee! (Not at the same time!)