Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Little Blog That Could

Every once in a while I enjoy reading through my blog posts.  I don't keep baby books, although I've tried.  Maddie's is pretty complete, but by the time you get to the 4th child, you just don't have the time to fill out the pages.  In these days of technology, though, that doesn't mean that their babyhoods and childhoods haven't been recorded.  My blog is my very own online baby book. 

Reading through the posts I have re-experienced their first teeth, injuries, funny conversations, school projects and frustrations.  I can pull up a post from 4 years ago and remember how fine and long Graedy's hair was, compared to his no-nonsense buzz cut now.  I see Maddie learning her letters and Eva's vocal development. 

I hear that you can even have your blog printed into a hardcover book.  How cute would that be instead of photo albums? 

I see my own growth, too. 

Originally this blog's job was to keep everyone updated on our move to the Philippines so that I could go to Newlife International School of Midwifery.  God closed that door, for the moment.  Five years later, the desire for midwifery creeps back in every once in a while.  Doula work ebbs and flows, depending on our family situation and social trends. 

Though I don't see us moving away anytime soon, and NB doesn't seem to be destined for any midwifery progress in the near (or far) future, I still wonder what my role is in birth, in my town.  I could continue as I am, as a birth doula.  I've considered taking courses and expanding my repertoire to include services as a postpartum doula, monitrice, belly casting or childbirth education.  Honestly, I don't know that Woodstock has interest to balance out the cost and effort for the classes.  It's not about money, but, well, it is.  I can't very well borrow grocery money to pay for lessons I may never use. 

And so, the question begs to be answered:  Heart or mind? 

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