Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Story of the World

Several years ago, I bought the complete curriculum (including photocopies for 3 children - yay!) for Story of the World.  Patiently I waited for the kids to be old enough to properly enjoy the stories and activities.  Finally, it happened!
I LOVE Story of the World.   More importantly, so do the kids!  History presented chronologically, in story form with loads of extra activities...what's not to love?
Here's a few photos of our first month of Story of the World:
Recording our history with cave drawings

The white crown of Ancient Egypt's king

Another white crown.  Originally I wanted them to have a red and a white crown so we could have both Upper and Lower Egypt represented, but no one wanted to be the loser Red team.

Oops, this is nature study.  Somehow I snuck that in with history.

My little Nomads dressed in animal skins, next to a shelter they constructed and eating roots they gathered.

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