Monday, October 29, 2012

Food, Glorious Food

This year I canned like I've never canned before.  Carrots, fruit, tomatoes, beets, cucumbers....
I love to gaze at my canned goods shelves in the early evening just as the setting sun's rays come slanting through the basement window, illuminating the shimmering jars of preserves like so many jewels nestled into the deep of the cellar...
Calm down, it's just a sweet potata (name that commercial).
Still, it is thrilling to see all that food lined up.
I've got approximately:
1 bushel peaches
1 bushel pears
21 pints carrots, plus frozen
5 cups jalapenos
15 quarts apple pie filling
10 pints applesauce (150 lbs apples in all, more to be done)
5 quarts cucumbers
5 quarts pickled beets
8 pints beets
5 pints cream corn
10 pints tomatoe sauce
10 cups salsa
12 cups jam
6 pints pickled crab apples
lots and lots of freezer veggies
a freezer full of beef, fish and poultry
We're not going to starve after all.  We're going to be okay.

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Four Girls said...

Wow! Aaand wow. Great job, Emily aka Laura Ingalls. ;)