Monday, January 23, 2012

You Are What You Eat - Healthy Eating Project, Intro

I think that people nowadays are more and more aware of the effect food has on their health.  Whereas our generation grew up on bologna sandwiches and white bread, with a good size scoop of cherry Jello for fruit, today's families are starting to realize the importance of fruits and veggies, clean meat and whole grains. 

This has touched our family on a personal level.  Remember the post on getting rid of our TV?  Basically, we did it because we noticed that it played a huge part in our kids' bad moods and mouthy behaviour.  The more TV, the worse it got. 

It finally clicked this week that the same is happening with food.  One particular day stands out.  It was a busy day with little time to cook.  The fresh groceries had run out a couple days ago. I resorted to throwing together whatever I could from the pantry...that is, mostly convenient, processed, carb loaded boxed food.   No veggies, since there wasn't time to run to the store that day.  And you know what?  We paid big time. 

The kids dragged all day.  Their little faces stared blankly at nothing.  I was tempted to tie sponges around their necks to catch the drool.  They cried at nothing and everything.  They were nasty.  NASTY!

And, yes, so was I.

We are definetly what we eat. 

I don't mean this post as a sermon or a lecture.  I'm only pointing out something that I finally figured out, and really, should have noticed much sooner. 

The thing is, now I feel guilty.  Have I set up my kids for a lifetime of unhealthy eating?  Have I encouraged bad habits?  Have I pushed them down the hill of ill-health only to land in a heap of diabetes and heart disease?  Is this MY fault?!

Well, yeah, I guess it is my fault. 

Thankfully, guilt is a powerful motivator. 

We'll see where it leads...stay tuned for more ideas on how to get some fibre, vitamins and fresh food down your kids' gullets.

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