Sunday, January 15, 2012

Viking Day

The local homeschoolers were treated to a Viking (ahem, Norseman) Day  by our favourite historical re-enactor, Kate.  She showed up in character, complete with costume, props, and activities.

Inga (Kate) showing us how to drop spin.

As it turns out, the Norsemen were pretty advanced!  They had jobs, and money.  They travelled all over the place in their specially designed flat-bottomed ships, and were excellent fighters.  Not against the Romans, though.  No one messed with the Romans.

Eva dressed up as a Viking.

They wove linen, too.  They didn't have buttons.  Really, though, who needs buttons when you have awesome bronze broaches instead?

Cool Viking props.

They even molded antlers and horns into utensils that felt & looked just like plastic.

Maddie & Graedon making Viking beads.

Thank you, Inga!  We loved your presentation!

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