Saturday, November 12, 2011

Singing With Graedon

Graedon still takes long afternoon naps.  For that, I am thankful.

When I put him to bed, he always asks me to lie down next to him and sing him a song.  His favourite is "the moose song", aka Down By The Bay.  He giggles at every verse I make up.  I can see his little mind imagining the moose kissing a goose, the snake with the garden rake and the mouse in a tiny house. 

Sometimes he asks me for songs I don't know.  Sometimes he makes up his own.  Sometimes he mixes up songs.  The other day he sang The know the one?  He finished it off as, "...the B-I-B-L-Eeeee!  Eye-ball!"  Close, Graedy, close! 

I've never been one to lie down with my kids when they go to bed.  I'm usually pretty tuckered out by that time, and if I were to do that with each kid, it'd be midnight before I hit the sack.  I really do enjoy the few minutes alone with Graedy, though.  He's pretty great.

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