Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making Do

We Pattersons are fashion forward.  When you combine that with my absent mindedness, well, interesting things happen.

Thanksgiving blowout and no change of clothes or diaper?  No problem.  A tea towel, some pins and a grocery bag will do the trick.  Not only is the fit flattering, the green tinge of the bag brings out the sparkle in Gen's eye. 

Is the topless model a little too immodest for you?  This diaper cover also comes in a mock overall style.

BTW - no worries!  We're not stupid and didn't leave her unsupervised with the bag.  It was quickly covered up with her clothes as soon as the photo shoot was finished.  A proper diaper was soon located.


Kendra said...

LOL Poor Gen! Buy a small pack of disposable diapers and keep them in the car that way you'll always have a spare. Until they run out...then you're screwed again. :S

Nathalie said...

Oh my! Poor girl! This post is hilarious, but she is sooooo going to kill you when she's older and can jump online. lol.

Abigail said...

lol!! I love it!

cuddles said...

Hehehe! My brother and I used to wear plastic bags and then wrestle... we thought they looked like the leotards that guys like Andre the Giant used to wear. ;o)