Monday, November 28, 2011

Solar System Convo...

We are so blessed that Rich gets to come home and have lunch with us most days.  I usually try to get the conversation going by discussing our morning, and what happened in school.  This week we started learning about the solar system, and our planets. 
On a side note, poor Pluto.  To spend all those years as a small, but important planet and then to be dumped like that.  Rejection is hard. 

After the usual banter, I said, "Hey, Daddy, guess what we're learning in school?!  We're learning about planets!  Maddie, what's your favourite planet?"

Maddie said, "I like the blue one!  What is it, Neptune?"

Eva chimed in, "My favourite is Earth!"

I said, "And some planets have rocky surfaces, like Earth, and some are made of gas!  Richard, what's your favourite planet?"

Richard, grinning, "I like Uranus!"  Laughed!

Eva, totally not getting it, "And Dad!  Uranus is gassy!"

By this time, Richard and I are practically in tears.  Maddie just looked at us like we were nuts.

And this was one of those rare moments when I got to see what my husband was like as a 12 year old boy. 

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