Friday, April 22, 2011

Good-bye! Good-bye!

I have been pretty quiet on my blog as of late.  My friend, J, and I have decided to participate in another craft fair.  We're talking a whole new craft level.  Whereas we counted ourselves lucky to have 100 people pass by our table at the mall fair, we're now looking at a table at a trade show that had over 8000 people attend last year.  Gulp.  We are clearly insane.  I have chained myself to my project table, and will return to real life in a couple weeks.

Quick update, though:  The kids are awesome.  Maddie surprises me daily with questions and conversations that I never dreamed possible with a 7 year old.  Eva is growing up, too.  She is finally outgrowing the boisterous puppy stage, and is showing signs of becoming a lady.  Graedy is, well, fun.  He's less and less toddler and more and more boy.  He is lonely for male company, though, and loves it when Rich gets home to wrestle and watch racing on TV.  Thankfully, his little friend A comes to visit once per week.

Gen is well.  In the last couple weeks she has started to clap, wave and blow kisses.  She reminds me of those old movies where the women wave hankies from the train caboose to their dear ones standing on the station platform.  I think she's telling me she wants us to go on a cruise.

*whip sound*

Ah!  There's my sewing machine calling...

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