Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Projects

I love Easter.  I think it's really neat that we celebrate the death of Jesus and his resurrection at a time of year when everything is being reborn - plants, bugs, baby is a hopeful holiday.

A yummy one, too.  Check it out!  This year I made little Easter eggs for kids to take home when they visited.  I dyed some chicken eggs, made a hole in the bottom of the shell and let the egg out.  We dined on scrambled eggs that night.  After washing them out and letting them dry, I filled them with candy and glued muffin papers to the shells to cover the openings.

 They were fun to crack open!  The kids really got a kick out of them.

I tried something new this year, too.  Egg planters!  Originally I saw these made out of porcelain, but farm eggs are so much cheaper.  More unique, too.

 Here's a quick tutorial:
First, poke holes into the shell with a push pin or sewing needle.  Something with a blunt end is a bit easier on the finger pads.  Make the holes close together and the shell will be a cinch to break away.

 Drain out the eggs.  Make a quiche with it. 
Clean the shell out (use soapy water).  Don't skip out on this step.  You know the rotten egg smell?  It's for real.  Fill the shell with wet sponge or cotton balls.  Sprinkle grass seed onto it.

Put them on a pretty shelf and wait a few days, keeping the sponges moist.

Ta da!  Cute little Easter planters! 

Had I started them earlier, I think the grass would have been more impressive.  Next time I'll give it a couple weeks, not just a few days.  It's kind of like a Chia pet.  You could totally draw faces on the shells and give them haircuts if you put the seeds in more densely.

Happy belated Easter everyone!

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