Monday, December 27, 2010

So This is Our Christmas

Christmas at the Patterson household...

Christmas Eve with the Noble side has come and gone - this year we tried something new and got together in the afternoon so the kids could play outside.  The annual feasting, Christmas Eve service, stockings and present exchange went well. 

Back at home, the little ones slept in on Christmas morning.  Our traditional Christmas runs like this:

When the kids (and parents) wake up, they discover their stockings at the foot of their beds!  They can open them as soon as they're awake.  The kids usually end up with a good dose of candy before breakfast (although we went easy on the goodies this year - only a handful of special treats).

We have a special breakfast.  This year was chocolate crepes, stuffed with berries and bananas, served with chocolate flavoured whipped cream.

Daddy said grace, and we all ate together, taking our time.

Next, Daddy read the Christmas story from Luke.

At this point, the kids are getting a bit impatient...Mommy, too :)

Then, we open presents! 

 Here's Graedy, with his Black & Decker tool kit.  He's been "drilling" anything and everything in the house.

Maddie got a pogo stick.  She needs to gain a few pounds to make it work right, but she's been trying hard to get it to bounce.

Eva with her very big doll.  She named it Lucy-Anna.

Baby Gen was my best present this year!

Later, we congregate at Grammy & Grampy Patterson's for the traditional Christmas turkey dinner. 

Merry Christmas from all of us!

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