Saturday, December 11, 2010

Homeschool Christmas Get Together, and My Little Piano Virtuoso

Last night was our annual Homeschool Christmas Concert/Get Together.  Each family or child can participate.  All you need to do is let the coordinator know what you are planning to do, and sign up.  Usually, our family does a little something for each get together.  It's usually a reading, or a poem or something simple.  This year I just hadn't had the chance to organize anything that involves practice.  Lack of time and sleep, I guess. 

So, we went to the Christmas party to watch and encourage the other kids.  And for the food. 

We sang some carols, listened to a couple poems and enjoyed some piano playing.  Those kids are pretty good!  Better than me, anyway.  We were all having a good time when I noticed Eva fidgeting in her seat and whispering with our coordinator.  After the last kid was done, wouldn't you know it - the coordinator announced....Eva!

Now, understand, we hadn't practiced anything and Eva hadn't mentionned a thing to me about performing.  She marched up to the piano, sat at the bench and played a little melody that she just made up as she went along.  It was actually pretty good for a first time at the piano.  She finished her song, got up, turned around, smiled at everyone and sat down.  I'm pretty sure I clapped the loudest of all the parents.

She surprises me sometimes, that one.

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