Thursday, July 8, 2010

At the Pool

I always hoped that my kids would learn to swim. The girls have been taking swimming lessons during the colder months for the last couple years. In the summer, thankfully, we've all been able to benefit from my mom and dad's pool.

The lessons have been okay. I wouldn't term them excellent. Mostly, they have one-on-one time with the teacher for about 5 minutes of every class and the rest of the time they play "What Time is it, Mr. Shark?" and sit around waiting for their turn. I know it's important for them to learn through play, and that it all serves for the purpose of getting them comfortable in the water, but the progress has been slow.

In the last couple weeks of unstructured swim time at Grammy & Grampy's pool, though, their swimming skills have just grown in leaps and bounds! Maddie and Eva are both jumping in from the side of the pool, swimming underwater short distances, doggie paddling across the pool (we insist on pushing a noodle ahead of them in case they need a break halfway through), and holding contests for who can stay underwater longest. Maddie has even been able to touch the bottom with her hands. She is definetly the stronger swimmer, but Eva isn't very far behind. Even Graedon has come a long way. He has become much more comfortable in the water, and with the help of his floaty belt, he can now float on his own without freaking out, and can do a sort of beginner's doggie paddle. He even ducks his head under water and rides on Daddy's back.

I'm very pleased with their progress. They are definetly nowhere near the non-supervision swim stage (and, really, I don't think anyone should ever swim without a buddy), but it's calming to know that they can at least paddle to the side of the pool if they ever fall in. By the end of the summer, who knows? They might be doing the butterfly stroke!

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