Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Chicks!

We got our chicks on Tuesday! The kids were beyond excited. Madeleine wanted to hold them in her lap for the ride home, but she settled for having them in a cardboard box beside her in the van. We ordered 10 chicks, but since they had a few extra at the store, we upped the number to 12.

Madeleine has been nagging non-stop for me to open their cage and let her pet them. For now, they are in a safe spot out of cat/wildlife/kid reach, and she can't get them by herself. She's quite gentle with them, and is pretty protective of the little fluff balls. Graedon, not so much.

They're fitting in nicely with the family, or at least, the non-feline part of the family. Chick, meet Snow Beauty. Snow Beauty, Chick.

I think they're friends now.