Friday, June 11, 2010

Back to Family Day

We've had a rough couple weeks here at the Pattersons'. Everyone's tempers were running high, and we were all headed for nervous breakdowns (especially the pregnant one of the bunch). So Sunday, after realizing that we were all dressed up for church and already 20 minutes late before leaving the house, we decided that what we really needed was family time. There are days when you just have to put aside all the important stuff you *must* do, if only for the sake of the family unit.

We went mini-golfing.

We played at the park (and is it just me, or is the playground equipment at the campground missing key safety components?).

We found a petting zoo, where they were giving away free kittens - which stayed right there, thank you.

If the hairy black pig had been free, though, Richard would have snuck it home in the back of the van.

The kids jumped on a blowup jumping castle.

And then we BBQ'd, napped and finished up the day at Grammy's. It was a good day. It was a needed day. Sadly, tempers were still running high for the rest of the week, but it was a good break.


ARandomLife said...

I can appreciate the break that's needed once in a while! Just to get out of the groove of things and be a bit random and spontaneous. Nothing like a Sunday adventure to lift some spirits!

Emilie said...

I know! We needed it badly. I don't like missing church, but I think that it was a good thing this week.