Monday, May 24, 2010

Daddy and Homeschool

The best part of a holiday is having Daddy at home. We had school this morning, even though every one else had the day off. That way, we can take a day off somewhere else and not suffer too greatly. So, Richard was able to sit in on our typical school day. He even took over teaching math.

It involved the hose.

It also involved my measuring cups and learning about volume.

Eva was the ever attentive observer.

It's so important that both parents be involved in the kids' education - whether homeschooled, public schooled or private schooled. For us, that means that I get more support, feedback and understanding when it comes to any hurdles and celebrations. I love it when Richard asks the girls what they did in school that day. Seeing that he is interested encourages them to try harder, and makes them feel more grown up. It's also a plus that his interest validates the work I put into their education.

Thanks for making homeschooling that much easier, Rich! ;)


Abigail said...

That is so true! It looks like the girls were enjoying having Daddy a part of their regular routine. =)

Emilie said...

I hope he enjoyed it, too!