Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby Horsey

We went to Grammy and Grampy's to see a brand spankin' new colt this evening! He was still wet from birth, and trying to wobble around on his shakey little legs. From what I could tell (and it was kind of hard to see from the angle I was at) it's a little boy, and cute to boot.

Funny enough, I spent the entire visit pointing things out to the kids, like - "Oooh, look, the mama's passing the bag of waters! That's called an amniotic sac." "Hmmm, she doesn't seem to have delivered the placenta yet. I wonder if they'll have to get the vet to do a manual extraction." "Well, she's not bleeding anymore. That's a good sign!" "Yup, her belly is still fat, but that's normal. Mommy will be fat for a while, too." "Aw, look, the baby colt is breastfeeding! That's a good healthy snack for a baby horse."

I'm such a doula.

PS - I'm such a mom, too. As we were leaving the barn, my comment was, "Graedon! Watch where you're walking and don't step in poop!"


cuddles said...

I always love being reminded that animals come into the world the same way we do... it makes me feel so much more connected. I learned a lot about the process when Puppy was conceived and born four years ago... when I had BB I was shocked by how much I learned from that experience!

Emilie said...

I feel the same way!