Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our House, On The Corner of Our Street (Not Really)

We moved out of our home for a few months.  Not because we wanted to, really, but because
there was no way we could function in the dead of winter with no running water, no kitchen and 
gaping holes in the walls.  Our contractor extraordinaire tore apart our home and 
put it back together.  Correctly.  We've never lived in a correctly
built house before.  It's kind of nice.  I highly recommend it

Here's our new living room!

 Our new rec room in the basement!

Maddie's new room!

 Our bathroom!  Just a note, that tub is so comfortable.  I think we've
had more baths in the last 3 weeks than all year.

Kitchen!!  It's functional!  It works!  Yay!

Our new dining area!

It's not all fun and games, this new house.  We're still getting used to it.  
This morning, in a fog of sleepiness,  I tried to open the blackboard wall to get some 
milk.  That used to be the fridge.  Now it's a black board wall!!  
Yep, it takes some getting used to.  But we're willing to do that.  

I have a functional kitchen!!!

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Alice by Name said...

Congrats guys! It looks amazing! Enjoy the fruits of your labor :) -Nat xox