Monday, June 18, 2012

Look, Mom!

He's every bit the boy, that one!  Rubber boots, muddy hands, black eye and handling toads.

I asked him what he was going to name his toad, and he said, "Toad."   Very good.  It's an obvious, no-nonsense moniker.

Shortly after, Toad wriggled out of Graedy's grasp and squeezed himself through a crack in the deck, never to be seen again.

No problemo!  The kids raced back to the toad spot and Maddie caught herself another one.  When I asked her what this one would be named, she said, "Toad.  Toadda.  Todd.  ROBIN!!"   So Robin it is.  The first thing Robin did in her home/tote was to explore all the sides by frantically jumping and trying to scale the walls to freedom.  The second thing she did was release some bubbles.

I believe it might have been toadstool.

PS - At the time of this writing, Robin is now named Speckles.

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