Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Eva's Baby!

Eva has been having babies like crazy lately.  It seems like I'm gaining a new grandbaby every other day.  She goes through the whole bit every time:

Eva waddles up to me, patting her swollen belly, and joyfully announces her pregnancy.  Of course, I exclaim, "Oh!  How wonderful!  When are you going to have it?"

Very soon after that - her pregnancies are always much shorter than mine - she plunks herself on the couch.  She grunts and moans and pushes and POP!

"Mama!  Look!  I have a new baby" and she proudly presents me a swaddled baby doll. 

And, as most  babies do, they grow up too fast.  Barely an hour after Eva's Baby (that's her real name) was born, we celebrated her first birthday. 

Eva taped posters to the wall to make sure everyone knew about the party.

I made lemonade and Fake S'mores

We all took turns holding the baby.

We followed Eva's instructions and made cards.

We wrapped some gifts.

We also danced the "Cha Cha Slide".  Sadly, I don't have any pictures of that.  Sorry.

How great is it that we can celebrate our children's births, even the plastic ones?  How great is it to watch your daughter love and care for her dollies and know that somehow, that love she is showing is really your love,  given to her, and re-distributed to her own loved ones?  Even better - the very same love that she gives really first started through my own mother, and her mother, and hers.

It's amazing. 


Four Girls said...

You are such a joyful, awesome mom, Emily! I love how you encourage your kid's gifts - they are each, so unique! <3


Shannon said...

Love It !!!!
How did you make the fake smores???

Emilie said...

Aw, thanks, Olivia!

Shannon - All I did was melt some marshmallows, smear a bit on a graham cracker and put a piece of Caramilk on top. She didn't give me much prep time before the party!