Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Yard Sale

I hosted a yard sale last weekend.  We were raising funds for my friend, G, who has MS.  As I type, G is in Rhode Island getting her pre-op stuff out of the way so that she can have surgery tomorrow.  Hopefully, this surgery will greatly improve her quality of life and make it such that she can have the energy and strength to continue being the great mom and wife she already is.

I am amazed and touched at how everyone pulled together to make this yard sale a success.  W, G, M & H, especially, thanks for the hard work!  Donations came in until the garage was overflowing.  Thankfully, a local business (Dave's Sports) lent us some tents and we were able to keep everything relatively dry.  There were even monetary donations from people who'd never met G and didn't even attend the sale! 

The day of the yard sale, it rained, and it poured.  It was freezing, but we made it through the weekend.  And - drum roll, please - we raised $600!!  Thank you, everyone!!

All the best, G!  We're praying for you!

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PWSMommy said...

thanks SO much Em!!! It's all about tomorrow now, paperwork is filled in, ultrasound is over. I even got to listen to the blood flowing through those veins! lol.
What you and W and others did meant SO much to me. I am praying blessings rain down on you just like water did on us that day!!
Love you friend. God blessed me with you.