Saturday, May 28, 2011

When I Grow Up...

I've been thinking lately.  It's never a good thing, really, but it's what I do.  I think. 

I'm 29 years old, and in 20 years my babies will be all grown up and living on their own.  Maybe I'll have grandkids, all chubby and rolly and cookie eating.  I'll be 49, which from what I hear, is the new 30.  With any kind of luck I'll have another 15 or 20 years of working time, and maybe 3 decades of actual life breath. 

What will I do with myself?  I can't just sit at home waiting for my grandkids to visit so that I can feed them ice cream before supper when their moms aren't looking. 

I think I'd like to be a writer.  I could do that from anywhere in the world, and by golly, I intend to test that theory.  Maybe I could be a travel agent and score some sweet discounts on plane tickets. 

I'd like to be an inventor, too, but I have no original ideas of my own.  If you'd like to help me out, send me a comment and let me know what you think I should invent.

If I were smart, I'd become a funeral home director.  I'd never run out of business.  Midwifery is the same.  Everyone has to be born and everyone has to die.  If I were a doctor AND a funeral home director, I would be very, very busy.  Especially if I was a bad doctor. 

I could be an artist.  I could specialize in abstract. 

I could run a bed and breakfast, and advertise it as a place where you're treated just like family.  That is, get up and get your own toast, thankyouverymuch. 

I think I'd make a great librarian, too.  I'm very good at alphabetizing, and I think the Dewey Decimal system is awesome.  Sadly, the temptation might be too great.  They might find me curled up in a corner somewhere, devouring book after book after book after book.

I guess not having my business anymore has been a mixed blessing.  I miss the money.  There wasn't much of it, but I could always scrounge away a $20 for emergency coffee or for when the neighbour girl came over selling eggs.  I am enjoying the down time, though.  I am not any less busy, but I am a lot less stressed.  I'm not constantly worried that I've forgotten to call back a client, or wondering if I work this evening, or next.  I don't know if I'll get back into electrolysis eventually, but I do know that I want to get back to some sort of employment one day.  I've set my sights on 5 years from now when Maddie is 12 and can babysit.  She won't mind.  Grin.


Andrea R said...

I wondered the same thing when my kids were little!

Then they grew up. Me too. ;P

Didn;t see this coming, though. Maybe there's some great unexplored area waiting for you. The *good* part is you *can* jump back into something.

Just hold on to your general sanity. ;P

Anonymous said...

So you're the girl who always reads ! ;)

I vote for writer. You'd be the best !