Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If You Can't Say Something Nice...

A bit of background:  There have been times when the kids have stuck up their noses at things - my cooking, a handmade gift, etc.  I've been very adament that they never openly criticize someone else's labours because, after all, someone took the time to think of them and make whatever it was.

Now the story...

Grammy L. gave the girls new colouring books and they've been colouring up a storm for the last couple days.  Eventually, Maddie came to a picture of a prince that she thought lacked a bit in the "handsome" department. 

Maddie:  Why would anyone want to marry a prince like that?!

Eva:  Maddie!  Don't say that!

Maddie:  Why not?

Eva:  It's not nice.  Somebody worked really hard at making that colouring book.

There you go.  Proof that something I've told them has actually stuck.