Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've been wanting to write a post about how life is changing for us, but every time I start, I sound whiney and I say things I shouldn't.  So, here's a post about Valentine's Day instead.

Happy Valentine's Day!! 

Richard and I celebrated by going out to a local restaurant - Fresh  Spectacular!  It's in the little town of Bristol.  The restaurant is a restored 1930's train car.  It's quiet, it's adult, it's fancy and oh, my, it's delicious!  Check out the website (but turn off the music.  It reminds me of questionable late-night naughty girl TV shows.  LOL BTW, has anyone noticed how "sexy" cooking shows have gotten?  No more clean cut, motherly's all close ups, slow mo and badoink-a-doink music.)

Then, this evening, the kids decided to surprise Richard.  They made him valentines - glitter everywhere! - wrapped up gifts they found in their toyboxes and set the table with linen and stemware.  Then, they made him spaghetti.  I kid you not, they pretty much did it all.  They chopped the veggies, stirred the pot, grated the cheese and even helped roast the garlic.  All I did was supervise and boil the pasta water.  They were so proud of themselves! 

I made dessert, though.  Strawberry mousse in chocolate cups with a strawberry coulis.  Yum!  It was like eating little strawberry clouds. 

I hope you've had a wonderful day!

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Abigail said...

LOL...I loved your comment about the cooking shows!

It certainly sounds like you had a lovely Valentine's Day. =)