Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Fair

It was "Old Home Week" in our town. When I first moved here, it took me a couple years to figure out just what "Old Home Week" one called it "the fair" or "the expo" like the carnivals where I come from. No, it was just referred to as Old Home Week - which didn't strike me as an interesting place in the least. Now that I've figured it out, though, it has proven to be entertaining enough, and the kids like it. Personally, I like Loonie Night - where the rides are $1.

We bought $15 worth of tickets and popped the kids on some rides. Here is Graedon taking Maddie for a ride. He's very serious about the job. He was pretty upset that the ride operator made him get off the ride at the end.

Eva, driving herself.

The girls went on the fastest roller coaster ever!

We visited the petting zoo, which consisted of a turkey, a pony, some fowl, a rabbit and possibly a dog. Graedon was terrified of the turkey.

A $5 bag of cotton candy later, and our evening was complete. Not bad for an evening of family fun!

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