Sunday, January 3, 2010

March Client

I have a client due in March! This is a really special birth for me because it's an Amish homebirth. This will be a completely new experience, but I'm hoping it will give me a much needed balance in doulaing.

It's difficult to find much about the Amish online, or at least, it's difficult to find accurate information. They keep to themselves for the most part and with their separation from the outside world, they aren't much into blogging or running a website about themselves. In my experience they are very welcoming, friendly and patient. Although they don't have electricity, they do have indoor plumbing. They use battery operated lamps and cook on the wood stove.

I did have a problem trying to put an outfit together for visiting them. Finally, I broke down and just asked the mom-to-be what would be appropriate for me to wear. Anything comfortable and modest is okay! Pants are fine, especially if they're loose, and they are preferable to wearing short skirts. I may need to go for a higher neckline next time, though. Ooops! I had thought that my long sleeve tee would be okay, but a turtleneck might be better.

I am impressed with the general attitude of my client. She seems so que sera, sera. Most of my clients hire me because they fear something about the birth - pain, hospital, doctors, surgery, etc. With her, there isn't any fear. It is simply a curiousity for the unknown and a healthy belief that her body can do it.

It's a good way to be!

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Andrea R said...

Sounds pretty awesome, actually. :)

(and asking when you don't know is *good* )