Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Boy Crushes

Lately I've been scoping out the boys.  Sure, most of them don't even have facial hair yet, but I can do math.  I was 18 when I met Richard, and my eldest is now 12.  That's 6 years.  6 years ago I was 27, and that was just a blink ago.  That means that my eldest could very well be getting hitched in just a blink.

So I'm scoping me out a son in law.

I must say that this intentional match making, with all its deliberation and rejection makes me feel very royal.  I do have self control, otherwise conversations with mothers of boys might go as such:

"What a good looking boy your son is!  And polite!  How are his grades?  Great, great.  Say, did I hear mention of your acquiring some land?  100 acres!  Hardwood, or....?  Interesting... Any mental illness in your family?  Let's discuss an alliance.  I think your family and ours could go very far together."

Of course, we have forbidden any type of dating until the girls are at least 30.  If the right plot of land were to come along, though....

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Kate Waller said...

LOL You are not alone. You don't know how many parents and grandparents gave Erik the once over as he was growing up. We could have arranged several marriages for him, by the time he was 17. ;)