Monday, January 27, 2014

Mangers and Bassinets

It happened.  Christmas!

It happened without me, unfortunately, which was a first.  20 minutes before my family was due to arrive
to celebrate the Reveillon I received a call from my client.  She was heading to the hospital.

And then I got another call.  Client number 2 was also heading to the DECH.

Thank goodness for my wonderful back-up doula!  In the 7 years I've been doula-ing
I've never had to call in a back-up.  Yet, here we were, Christmas Eve, and I was frantically
phoning her in.

It's like birth insurance.  You hope you never need it, but you're awfully glad it's there when you do!

Yet another twist of fate, and my first client was dismissed from the ward early.  She settled in for a night of sleep.  I joined Super Back-up with my second client and witnessed the triumphant birth of a little girl on a peaceful Christmas Eve.

Fearful that I'd be called in during the night snowstorm I stayed in the city overnight.  I was right...the next afternoon a beautiful baby boy was born - a Christmas child!

 Although I missed my family, and the hub-bub of opening presents, it seemed rather fitting to be on the labour and delivery floor for Christmas.  What an appropriate way to celebrate Jesus' birth.

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Abigail said...

It was amazing!! :) Best Christmas Eve I've had in a long time! <3