Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It Ain't Pretty....

...but it's borderline acceptable.

With Richard needing extra help around the yard this summer, the job fell on me.
I don't mind.  I just hope he doesn't.

I've never successfully weed-whacked before.  I've never successfully whipper-snipped, either.
So, I think that for a first time, I did okay.

After a half-hour, my legs were unsteady, I was sweating, my
hands shook like jelly and my muscles felt like I'd just bench pressed a water buffalo.
Richard (who has very high standards that he can't keep from enforcing) intentionally
 refused to look my way, which is
exactly what a man who wishes to stay married ought to do.
I'm still waiting for the shaking to stop.

Okay, so the job isn't to professional standards.  Under the trampoline kind of reminds me 
of the time Eva gave herself a haircut.  

Let's be honest, though.  Trimming isn't about pretty.  It's about destroying any potential
breeding grounds for alders and copperhead snakes.  

I think I succeeded at that.

Considering all I had to work with was a gas powered stick and a spinning piece of nylon string, 
I think I did just fine.

1 comment:

dad said...

Em, you should have practiced lawn care more when you were still at home before you got married... I'm proud of you for doing that now and it's like many other things, you get better with time. Always wear boots and safety goggles when you weed wack!