Friday, May 18, 2012

Readying the Apiary

It was a beautiful day so the kids and I set out to get our apiary ready.  I hauled out the paint cans from way back when we decorated the nursery before Maddie was born (was that really 9 years ago?).  Yes, we thought she was a boy, but the yellow and blue made for a cute girl room after a few adjustments :)

I am not going to encourage them to help with the actual bees, at least, not for several years.  I think Maddie might be ready, but there's no hurry.  Keeping calm is crucial with bees, and until the kids have the maturity to stay calm in all situations, they can just watch from a distance.

Even Gen helped out withh the painting.  Those little jeans are now playclothes, but what fun for a toddler to paint like the big kids!

Only a few more weeks until our bees arrive!


Shannon said...

Looking Good! Will be exciting when the bees arrive :)

nicolthepickle said...

Wow, how nice. My dad had bees when we were small. And we always stayed nice and far away. I think we were terrified.