Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maddie Turns 8!

Madeleine turned 8 on the 4th, and she decided it was high time to host her first slumber party.  I agreed, reluctantly, since I was pretty sure there wouldn't be much slumbering that night.

We started the evening with a snack - cookies and milk, in a sprinkle crusted rim.  They ate the sprinkles and left the milk.

I surprised them with a special kind of night-light...glow sticks in balloons!

I had to laugh because at the very late hour of 9 pm, the girls were begging for some shut eye!  I guess I wore the out with all those stories of the good ol' days when I was a little girl.

In the morning, the official party started.  They made decorations for the party.

I painted their nails.

They made hair barrettes an lip gloss.

Of course there were presents and cupcakes.

Here are the gals (and Graedon).

It's fun to be eight!

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