Wednesday, December 14, 2011

King's Landing Field Trip

King's Landing is probably one of my favourite places in NB, so I was pumped when the opportunity for a field trip came up.  We piggy-backed with a grade 1 class from Saint John and took part in their "The Child at Work and Play" workshop. 

It was all about how a 19th century child would have spent their day.  The kids began by "waking up".  Here are Maddie & Eva (sharing a bed, as was usual) asleep on the ticking.

The girls & boys were seperated into gender appropriate chores.  The girls made gingerbread.  Yum!  It's quite a feat to have 11 little girls make a single gingerbread. Here's Maddie, stirring the batter. 

Here's Eva, sweeping the house.

The girls took turns beating the bumps out of the ticking.  This was by far their favourite chore! 

Story & playtime with our historical reenactor.  They passed around typical toys - a doll, ball, books... the kids seemed surprised at how few toys there were, and at how simply they were built. 

The girls loved King's Landing.  As an added blessing, it really opened up my eyes to how little I expect from my kids, but how much they are actually able to take on.  They had fun, but they also came back a tad more mature than when they arrived. 

Maybe I'll add beating beds to their chore list!

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