Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Little Boy and the Cookie

*This is mostly a true story, except for the parts I made up.  For ease of reading, I've put the fictionalized part in italics.*

Once upon a time, there was a lady selling her wares at an outdoor market.  Along came a little boy and sat down beside her.  The boy had beautiful golden curls and big blue eyes.  He sighed deeply and turned his sad little face to the vendor lady.

"I'm so-o-o hungry, and my parents don't have any money," sniffled the little boy.  He gazed at the lady with his big puppy dog eyes.  "Do you have anything I can eat?"

The vendor lady felt so sorry for the little boy.  After asking whether he had allergies (safety first!), she asked him if he'd like a cookie.

"Oh, yes!" said the boy, all smiles.

The lady handed him a chocolate chocolate chip cookie, which he popped into his mouth immediately.  His face fell and he began to scowl.  "This cookie is HARD!"

Surprised, the lady said, "Oh, I must have left that batch in a bit too long.  Sorry."

Pouting, the little boy ordered in an angry voice, "Next time, you should make vanilla and chocolate!  Try to remember that for next time!"

And then the vendor lady grabbed that snotty little brat in a head lock, pried his piranha jaws open and took back her chocolate chocolate chip cookie by the fistful.

The End.

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