Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Gnome Village & A Giveaway!!

Finally, the gnome village is finished! 

I nestled it into a flower bed in the shade of a big old pine tree.  The fallen needles help keep the weeds at bay, and make for a pretty even surface.

Welcome to Gnomesville!

The Manor House - Home to the oldest and most well-to-do family in the village. Note the craftsmanship & attention to detail that only the very wealthy gnome can afford.

PS - That craftsmanship is not my own.  Kate & Eric get all the credit for this beautiful house!

A gnome bachelor decorates with gifted items from his mum...braided rug, welcome mat and chair from the matched set in the Manor House. To the annoyance of the other villagers, he leaves his Christmas decorations up all year.

Nestled in the trees away from prying eyes is the Recluse. He lives off the land and guards his quiet life closely.

 Mrs. Gnome is busy in her household. Her family's laundry flaps gently in the wind. Her apron hangs on the post, waiting for such a time when she might make acorn flour cakes. Later, she will pack up her picnic basket, complete with checked tablecloth, and take Mr. Gnome and the children out for lunch.

 View from the look-out...keeping an eye out for scoundrels.

 Mr. Gnome enjoys fresh milk & fruit everyday. Mrs. Gnome holds a high standard for her family. Only the best here! Notice the felted leaf rug, bought from The Recluse gnome.

So there you have it...a quick peek at the gnome village. 

Would you like your own little gnome?  Here's your chance to win one! 

Here are some ways to enter.  Each is worth one entry.

Leave a comment (one entry) about the following questions:  Did you have something similar to a gnome village as a child?  Did you invent secret worlds?  Did you have a private hide-out that only you knew about?   

Visit my Etsy Shop and "favourite" it (one entry).

Blog about this giveaway, and link back to this post. 

Be sure to leave a comment for each time you enter.  I'll choose a winner randomly on Friday, the 10th!


Kate Waller said...

I had so many make believe worlds when I was a child. I had a little one room house set up in one of the shelves of my bookcase/desk. I had another little "pioneer village" set up in my hiding place in the bend of an old cedar fence behind a fir tree. I used old fashioned clothespins to make the dolls, construction paper, cardboard, scraps of fabric,bark, etc... and pretty much built it myself.

Kendra said...

Very nice! I'm glad I decided to check out blogger for the first time in months. :) I never had anything similar to this as a child nor did I invent secret worlds. A friend and I found a little run down camp out in the woods and fixed it up at bit. Only we knew about it. :)

Kendra said...

I added your Etsy shop to my favs.

Pamela said...

Oh Emilie, this is amazing!! I love every little thing about it, the names, the stories, all the little details. How do they like it?

As girls, we used to build whole villages out of our "old fashioned" Fisher Price Little People. We would take up the whole living room and each person had a name - labeled with masking tape! They had families, we created huge stories with these!

I love how your gnome village is outdoors! Although, what do you do when it rains??

PWSMommy said...

I had a couple secret hide outs in my childhood, one in a field of tall tall grass and one in a sugar bush. I loved those safe places where nothing bad ever happened!